Bonezzi (born: 2000 / Located in Santa Cruz)

Bonezzi (born: 2000 / Located in Santa Cruz)


Located in California

Built in 2000 by Vito Bonezzi. Sold originally to Søren Andreasen but sold on to me directly after the 2001 Worlds in Canada.  I immediately shipped in in the German container to live at Joachim Harpprecht's for 4 1/2 years and flew over each summer to race the boat in Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Australia. Karsten Krause refinished the boat in 2005 in Germany. Brought the boat back to USA after the 2006 Worlds at Fremantle, Australia. Larry Tuttle refinished it again in 2014/15. (took a long time at his shop)

Upgraded to a Harpprecht carbon fibre mast in 2014.

Upgraded to a Bonezzi (Andrea) boom in 2002/3.

Upgraded to a Bonezzi (Luca) dagger style rudder in 2013

Trapeze sticks by Søren Andreasen

ProGrip supplied by Joachim Harpprecht

StaMaster lower shroud adjusters.

Tactic electronic compass and mounting bracket.

One Wavelength sail

Two North (Ethan Bixby) sails. One legal. One square top. Illegal but lots of fun and looks cool

Top cover has extended side skirts to provide better protection from the sun.

Bottom cover to protect from grease, oil, tar, and stones on the road.

The boat is always protected 3 ways from the sun. A durable tarp stretched over a garage shaped frame.

A second durable tarp covering the mast and the hull.

The top and bottom road covers.

Trailer holds two boats on two identical launching trollies. If buyer prefers a one boat trailer, a swap could probably be worked out with Peter White in Ohio who has the second launching trolley. Trailer uses Indespension (U.K.) brand trailing link rubber bushed independent suspension. These are new in 2014. A spare set of bearings to fit these hubs are part of the deal. Wheels are 12 inch dia hub to provide a smoother ride, easier movement when disconnected from car. Third wheel at front greatly helps moving trailer around. Launching trolley was custom designed and built to hold this Contender. Forward and midships bunks were moulded in many layers of fiberglass and epoxy over an old Contender hull. Launching trolley axles are stainless steel rods bolted to the trolley.

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Boat is located in Santa Cruz, California. Price is $7,000 (USD) (May include delivery)

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